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  • Mr.Brick

    I was researching 2013 legos and found this book(AKA title). It features Kai(New Suit). Top left features the new LEGO city policemen(or chase MCcain). bottom right is lion king person from Legends of Chima.Is there a page on this?

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  • Mr.Brick

    Ok,so there's been alot of info in the past few days,especially DC and Marvel.In this blog,i'll reveal my guesses to you about sets.

    • .UPDATE:I saw pics of comic con and noticed weird pairing of te figures.These are the pairings left to right like I seen in the pics:
    • 1.Spiderman, Nick Fury and Venom
    • 2.(To the Left of the first pairing)Nova, Beetle, Jameson, Doctor Doom (Possibly Daily bugle set)
    • 3.Mr. Freeze, Aquaman, White Batman,(Mr. Freeze set! Confirmed!) Bane, C. Gordon (DK Set! confirmed!)
    • 4.(To the right of the third pairings)Hooded Robin, Scarecrow, Inmate Joker, Penguin, Harleen Quintzel ( all haven't appeared so far..)

    Although these pairings mean nothing,it could mean something.The third pairing to me is the most interesting.Maybe if y…

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  • Mr.Brick

    This is my third contest!Here are the rules and other stuff:

    • Theme:Mr.Brick
    • Required minifigures:Me.
    • Prizes:Being Bestz Friendz Foveverz with me.

    CANS:None Can'ts:1.Can't copy or steal anyone's creations.2.Can't use my sig fig(Profile pic)

    • Judges:Just me.No one else can be a judge.

    What you gotta do:You gotta create a lego set with me in it.I'm supposed to be depicted as a minifigure that can make almost anything out of a few bricks.I can also have a suit which makes new molds from existing molds.So make a set of with me in it.It could also have me fighting villains,like Cyborg Aliens, or Muatant Cowboys or etc.Let your imagination run wild!This in celebration of my brickday!(birthday as humans call it).Ends on my brickday(August 3rd)Thanks for …

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  • Mr.Brick

    Ok I know it isn't June yet But I'll give you a head start.Here is my 2nd contest!1st place award is on my talk page.

    • Theme:Ninjago
    • Minifigures:1 on booster packs and spinners,at least 2 or more on sets.
    • CANS
    • 1.CAN be made in LDD or any type of way you want.
    • 2.CAN be a spinner,booster pack,and/or set.
    • CAN'TS
    • 1.CAN'T have less than 5 pieces.
    • 2.CAN'T be a previous creations of yours or anyone else's.
    • 3.CAN'T copy other users.

    I will have 5 judges this time.

    • 1.ME!
    • 2.Darth henry
    • 3.The 3rd Judge!AKA Treebeard
    • 4.The 4th Judge!AKA Thor
    • 5..The 5th Judge!AKA Cap. America

    The first four to comment on the positions will be judges. My talk page has the 1st place award.2nd,3rd and participent awards will be added later.Anything I may have forgot please tell.ENDS ON JU…

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  • Mr.Brick

    Hello this is my first contest blog.I will do these monthly.This month's theme is Avengers.These custom sets HAVE to be based off of the new Avengers movie(message me if you want to enter and haven't watched it).Each month You can be nominated for judge.First 2 to comment on the position will most likely be picked for judge.So let's get straight to it:

    • Cans
    • 1.You CAN use already made minifigures.
    • 2.CAN use LDD or any type of way you want.
    • Can'ts
    • 1.CAN'T use other previously used creations.
    • 2.CAN'T make more than one set unless it is an add-on to your already made set.

    Questions?feel free to ask.Here are the awards(to be updated): Here are the judges:

    • Me!/User:Mr.Brick
    • User:Awesomeknight1234
    • User:Sonofhades101 CONGRATULATIONS TO Korppufin!Copy and p…
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