Ok so i will be posting stuff about bans and gossip on chat every week.see what you might have missed out on and more.Maybe even some rights requests news.

  • April Fools Joke

I L0ve MeGA bLoKs11!!!!11!!!!1 had an april fools joke when he got nominated for chat mod, Buraucrat, and Admin!He had 2 edits so he only qualified for chat mod but most people supported anyways.

  • My Custom Theme

This week we have a new member to our custom team: User:Awesomeknight1234 Thanks dude and you are awesome!

  • CM4S Banned or Not?!

CM4S has proved himself that he is a troll and a spammer.He is permentally banned from chat.To think he was once a mod.

  • Chat Gossip Time!

Today on april fools we had tons of jokes.User:Creeper S laughed his pants off and cooldude said he had the LEGO Green ninja!

  • Questions

This will be added whenever i have questions

  • The End

Well thats all for now.Next weeks will be on thursday friday or check back!Next week's blog post will be bigger because i just thought of this idea.If you dont like it if i said something about you,tell me which sentence to remove.i will leave one sentence always.thanks for reading,-User:Mr.Brick

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