Ok I know it isn't June yet But I'll give you a head start.Here is my 2nd contest!1st place award is on my talk page.

  • Theme:Ninjago
  • Minifigures:1 on booster packs and spinners,at least 2 or more on sets.
  • CANS
  • 1.CAN be made in LDD or any type of way you want.
  • 2.CAN be a spinner,booster pack,and/or set.
  • CAN'TS
  • 1.CAN'T have less than 5 pieces.
  • 2.CAN'T be a previous creations of yours or anyone else's.
  • 3.CAN'T copy other users.


I will have 5 judges this time.

The first four to comment on the positions will be judges. My talk page has the 1st place award.2nd,3rd and participent awards will be added later.Anything I may have forgot please tell.ENDS ON JUNE 12TH.NO EARLIER.NO LATER.Thanks for reading!User:Mr.Brick.

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