It can be similar,but not the exact same.

This is my third contest!Here are the rules and other stuff:
  • Theme:Mr.Brick
  • Required minifigures:Me.
  • Prizes:Being Bestz Friendz Foveverz with me.

CANS:None Can'ts:1.Can't copy or steal anyone's creations.2.Can't use my sig fig(Profile pic)

  • Judges:Just me.No one else can be a judge.

What you gotta do:You gotta create a lego set with me in it.I'm supposed to be depicted as a minifigure that can make almost anything out of a few bricks.I can also have a suit which makes new molds from existing molds.So make a set of with me in it.It could also have me fighting villains,like Cyborg Aliens, or Muatant Cowboys or etc.Let your imagination run wild!This in celebration of my brickday!(birthday as humans call it).Ends on my brickday(August 3rd)Thanks for reading!--Mr.Brick 16:40, June 21, 2012 (UTC)

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