We all know that if you just started an account on brickipedia within the past 6 months,your not an admin,mod(most of the time),patroller,or rollbacker or b crat.And some people feel like most people on brickipedia hate them.thats why i created a new wiki called the Buildingbricks Wiki.I know its like brickipedia,but brickipedia is so perfect or near perfect that you cant make edits to even become an admin or any other type of user rights.meaning new users will never become admins most likely or b crats.Enough talking about this wiki,now let's talk about the buildingbricks wiki!Its just like this wiki mostly,but different rules on some stuff.But if you edit,you might have at least a chance someday.If you join the wiki or have any questions comment,and here is the link to sign up to the wiki: thanks for reading yours truly,


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