Hello everyone Mr.Brix here with a new RP....Chima RP!


1. You may make your own tribe (with my permission)

2. You may not be a already made character (Laval, Cragger, Skinnet)

3. You can be a part of any tribe (Lion, Elephant, Skunk, Scorpion) but if you wish to be part of a tribe made by a user then you must ask the user to be part of there tribe.

4. No killing off major characters without my permission (Like Lagravis, Cragger)

5. The story is still somewhat the same just you make other tribes and the Crocs and stuff are still evil and not good.


Good Tribes

  • Lion Tribe
  • Eagle Tribe
  • Bear Tribe
  • Gorilla Tribe
  • Beaver Tribe
  • Rhino Tribe
  • Penguin Tribe
  • Chameleon Tribe

Bad Tribes

  • Raven Tribe
  • Crocodile Tribe
  • Wolf Tribe
  • Cockroach Tribe


  • Scorpion Tribe
  • Spider Tribe
  • Bat Tribe


  • Skunk Tribe
  • Fox Tribe
  • Peacock Tribe



Tribe: (State your position in the tribe)




Name: Pengor

Tribe: Penguin Tribe (Leader)

Weapons: Chi Axe, Chi Knife

Personality: Crazy, Odd, Smart

Name: Okurr the Lesser

Tribe: Scorpion tribe (Lt.)

Weapons: Chi Sword, Chi Blaster

Personality: Wise, witty, and adventurous

Name: Sting

Tribe: Scorpion Tribe (Officer)

Weapons: Red Chi Sword, Venom Blaster

Personality: Couragouse, Brave, Battle-Born

Name: Pengertus

Tribe: Penguins (officer)

Weapons: Peng-Sniff-Staff, and Chi-Pengun

Personality: Loyal, Graceful, Wise, Brave

Name: Razgorn

Tribe: Raven (Bounty hunter)

Weapons: Chi gun

Personality: Brave, Smart, very good at lying and evil at times

P.S he always works for the highest bidder even if it means betraying his tribe.

Name: Bundar

Tribe: Bat Tribe (warrior)

Weapons: Spear, CHI-Enhanced Glider

Personality: He will do anything for blood, even killing his own leader.

Name: Exico

Tribe: Eagle tribe

Weapons: Chi gun and chi axe

Personality: Warrior likes to explore.

Name: Chazer

Tribe: Chameleon Tribe (leader)

Weapons: Claws

Personality: Kind, energetic, adventurous, and chatty.

Name: Rimzim

Tribe: Raven, warrior

Weapons: Chi Staff, Chi Shield

Personality: Cheeky, cunning, brave

Name: Wyzar

Tribe: Nomadic Wolf

Weapons: Chi Sword, Chi Staff

Personality: Calm, quiet, intelligent

Wyzar saved a Penguin Tribe chick from the Wolf Tribe, but managed to escape the wolves chasing him.

Name: Cruzer

Tribe: Crocodile


Weapons: Croc Toxic Axe

Personality:Brave, Acrobatic, Evil, Fly (Jetpack on back)

Bio: Cruzer AKA "Drax Cruzer" s a crocodile tribe member who serves the the crocodile king.He is a crocodile Warrior

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