Hello Mr.Brix here I was wondering if there are any good customizers I am not a good customizer and I need someone to make sets for my Theme.If you would like to do the task or if your just nice and will do it contact me on my talk page.

Background of the Story

The Brickipedians were peaceful and friendly people. there were a squad full of members called the users they stopped viruses and advertisements but there was an evil virus that they called The Virus it turned people into weird things and they locked it up. but two members (Czech and Me) decided that The Virus could be a use to them and then they could takeover the Sqaud and possibly the Brickipedia. They then got people to help them (Lazerz,Berry,Jeyo,Wikan,Cligra and more) but the remaining squad members decided to stop them so the fate of the Brickipedia is in the squads hands...

Thank You

-Mr.Brix :)

(P.S. If you will help me you will be a creator of the theme)

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