Since they are starting to get popular I will start to do the Interview blogs so here they are.


Me:"Hello Gollum how is it going?"

Gollum:"Very good yes yes we are doings very good right precioussss"

Me:"So do you prefer Gollum or Smeagol?"

Gollum:"Smeagol, we prefer Smeagol!"

Me:"Why do you search for the ring Smeagol???"

Gollum:"Because it is our preciousssss!!!"

Me:"But you bit off Frodo's finger to get it and choked Deagol.Isn't that a little to much????"

Gollum:"No,no it is not enough we do everything for preciousss..."

Me:"But you still haven't got the ring."


Me:"You might as well give up."

  • Jumps at me and attacks me*

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