LazerzSoH: (Weapon: Lazer Blaster) (Injuries:None) (Supplies:Tent,1 pound of fish,Flask) (Dead)

Mr.Brix: (Weapon: Sword) (Injuries:None) (Supplies:Meat,Tent and Frying Pan) (Dead)

Darth Henry: (Weapon: Lightsaber) (Injuries:None) (Supplies:Pillow ,Blanket and Rope) (Dead)

ErkelonJay: (Weapon: Two swords) (Injuries:None) (Supplies:Water Bottle,Backpack and Hunting Knife) (Dead)

LEGO2013Helper: (Weapon: Chainsaw Katana) (Injuries:None) (Supplies:Blanket,Matches) (Victor)

Awesomeknight1234: (Weapon: Swords) (Injuries:3 stings) (Supplies:Pillow,Rope, and Hunting Knife) (Dead)

Wally Valdez: (Weapon: War Hammer) (Injuries:2 Stings) (Supplies:Matches,Frying Pan and Bag) (Dead)

Carmerville: (Weapon: Bow and Arrow) (Injuries:None) (Supplies:More Arrows (For Bow),Flint and Torch (Dead)

RaceLord: (Weapon: 2 Repulsors) (Injuries:None) (Supplies:Tent,and medicine) (Dead)

Brig09: (Weapon: Lightsaber) (Injuries:Cut in Arm) (Supplies:Fish,Medicine,and Bread) (Dead)

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