So the Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug pictures for the sets are out and everyone is making blogs like these so here are my thoughts


The sets look good I will buy all of them and I find it funny how it is about the dwarves and Bilbo yet they only appear in one set in the whole wave.

Dol Guldur Ambush

Love the set very cheap way to get Beorn and two Gundabad I will probably buy it I am guessing the retail price will be around $12.00

Mirkwood Elf Army

I thought this set was going to be a battlepack I guess not the set all together reminds me of another set I love the Thranduil fig!

Laketown Chase

Good set the houses look very cool as does the boat, the Master of Laketown looks very french too me.

Dol Guldur Battle

I will buy this set love the design and the figs and the fact RADAGAST is in it, I think The Necromancer looks kinda like a bear more then a Necromancer though.

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