Hi everyone Mr.Brix here I saw that quite a few people are doing RP's and I am in quite a few of those so I decided to make my own the... Unlicensed Super Heroes RP, me and Kahuka are now working together to make rps so don't think this is a big copy of his blog.


  • You can make your own superhero/villain.
  • No copying a certain hero or villain already made (ex: The Joker,Batman)
  • You may not kill off major people without my permission.
  • You may not make your comments based off of another characters point of view unless he/she allows it.
  • If you want more then one characters tell me via chat or talkpage and I will think about it

Hireable Characters

There are characters that are needed and they do not count as your main character and you can get a hireable character and have your own made up characters, if you want a hireable character ask me via chat or talk page.

Commissioner Harold Evans

Mayor Bush

more to be added later


Hero/Villain Name:

Real Name:


Hero or Villain:

Powers (If any):




  • We are in Bricksburg City.


Hero/Villain Name: Mr. Brix

Real Name: Unknown

Weapons: Trick cane, Rapier and occasionally a gun

Hero or Villain: Villain

Powers (If any): Master mind

Appearance: Black suit with a black top hat and Brown Anakin CW hair

Personality: Smart, Quirky, and Crazy

Origin: Not much is known about him except for the fact that he is a master mind, scientist and has been known for making giant destruction mechs.

Hero/Villain Name: Old Cat Lady

Real Name: Kitty Girl

Weapons: Fluffy kittens

Hero or Villain: Villain

Powers (If any): Obsession of cats

Appearance: Grey hair. Sweater. On a rocking chair.

Personality: Insane

Hero/Villian Name: Quake

Real Name: Jorgan Black

Weapons: Industrial Pistol

Hero or Villian: Hero

Powers (if any): Flight, Super Strength, Cause earthquakes, and Do what-ever i want with stones and rocks.

Appearance: (see image below)

Personality: Serious

Hero/Villain Name: The Human Spider (What Spider-Man's name was gonna be)

Real Name: Mike Fallow

Weapons: Spider Powers

Hero or Villain: Hero

Powers (If any): Spider powers

Appearance: Black Leather jacket, Chuck Taylors, Black hair

Personality: Wise crack, Genius

Hero/Villain Name: Soundwing

Real Name: Paige East

Weapons: Banana, Radio

Hero or Villain: Villain

Powers (if any): Sonic Scream, Flight.

Appearance: Like a normal girl but with giant wings and a radio in hand

Personality: lonely.

Hero: Ramage Xzas

Real Name: Patrick Swarns

Weapons: Swarn0ps weaponry (warhammer, claws, etc)

Hero or Villain: Hero

Powers: Strength, armour enabled hovering, intellect.


Personality: Serious, if cynical, and paranoid.

Villain Name:Shock

Real Name:Unknown

Weapons:Mind-controlling stick

Hero or Villain:Villain

Powers:Can control others' mind

Appearance:Image down


Codename: Bad Apple

Real name: Angelica

Weapons: Claws, fangs, tongue, splinters, seeds, etc.

Hero or (Villain)?

Powers: Genetically modified empire apple

Appearance: A giant empire apple with a huge jaw that opens up (and barely closes) to reveal gigantic, yellow teeth. She also has arms and legs made out of wood and a little leaf...I'll make a model later.

Personality: Loves long walks on beaches and loves trying on new clothes, but is cranky and generally hungry.

Origin: Angelica was created by the mad scientist Green Thumb in Upstate New York to be the ultimate bad apple and take revenge on the dairy industry. Instead, she ate him

Hero/Villain Name: Doctor Zas

Real Name: Jamie Harrison Zas

Weapons: Fire Staff

Hero or Villain: Villain

Powers (If any): Right arm can shoot fire for small amount of time, staff can shoot fire


Hero/Villain Name: Arrowwing

Real Name: Saburo954

Weapons: Flaming Daggers

Hero or Villain: Hero

Powers (If any): Heat Vison, Flight, Shoot Fire

Appearance: Tux, red cape, fancy hair, Robin-y mask

Personality: Crazy, funny, dumb (like those funny dumb people)

Hero/Villain Name: Sodek

Real Name: DarthLeapyous

Weapons: Uruk-Hai Scimitar

Hero or Villain: Villain

Powers: None except good fighter...can go into a Berserker rage. Can consume large amounts of FLESH

Appearance: much like an Uruk-Hai berserker but with a fur-skin coat (made from Wargs)

Personality: Violent, crazy, hungry, berserk

Hero/Villain Name: Ink Blob

Real Name: Unknown

Weapons: Grapple Gun, Amazing Detective Skills

Hero or Villain: Anti Hero

Powers (If any): Mask changes patterns

Appearance: Fedora, Mask with ink blob, Trench Coat, Navy blue pants.

Personality: Mysterious

Hero/Villain Name:Dark Steel

Real Name:David Gordon


Hero or Villain:Hero (currently)/Anti-Hero (sometimes)

Powers (If any):None

Appearance:Red and gold armor

Personality:Smart,Fast learner

Hero/Villain Name: Lycanthrope.

Real Name: Daniel Noire.

Weapons: Natural Claws(When in wolf form).

Hero or Villain: Anti-Hero.

Powers (If any): Can transform into a Wolf-Human hybrid, speed, agility(When in wolf form), advanced intelligence.

Appearance: As a human, a college student with dark brown hair and glasses. As a wolf, he has brown fur covering his body.

Personality: Calm, serious, sarcastic, cynical.

Hero/Villain Name: Glact-ie

Real Name: Unknown

Weapons: Comic Beams

Hero or Villain: Anti-hero

Powers (If any): Able to roam the Universe.

Appearance: Wears a cape and Purple armor with a giant hat.

Personality: Calm, Listener, Explorer, Finder.

Hero/Villain Name: Checkmate

Real Name: Mark Check

Weapons: Smoke Bomb Chess Pieces, Shuriken Puzzle Pieces, and Boomerang Cards

Hero or Villain: Anti-Hero

Powers (If any): Telekinesis, Portal Creation, and throw weapons (above) with extreme accuracy.

Appearance: Top hat with Anonymous Mask, and purple suit with green tie.

Personality: Zany, Happy, Slightly Insane

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