WARNING: Extreme hypocrisy and unneeded accusations follow. Not recommended for children Sanders and under 1 and under.

Recently, people have been making a huge deal about how "ZOMG BRICKIPEDIA IS DYING!!!!11!!1". And, as everyone knows, it's extremely annoying (kind of like this unneeded blog). Now, you would think the person driving most of this annoying "Bricki is dying" talk that nobody really wants to hear is not some new guy, it's not some annoying "old timer" (I really don't wanna use LMB speech, but I couldn't think of a better word ._.), but it's...

...Klagoer. Yeah, the admin. He even took it a step further by coming up with the brilliant idea of a "Pathetic" award quite recently, and made a personal-attack message towards Wikia staff. Quite adminly, is it not?

Another topic I want to cover is CzechMate and Darth henry's unneeded, and often insulting blog comments (notably here). Seriously? "Way to go." How mature. Not to mention, they barely even edit. Quite adminly, is it not?

And yeah. Hope you didn't take anything too seriously. Except the hidden message.

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