NOTE: This blog may or may not contain minor insults, and possible swearing, but IDK yet as I haven't wrote it yet. >_> Yeah, it's immature, I know, but I don't know, I just, wanted to write it. Like, really bad.

I didn't really wanna leave with a dramatic blog like everyone else here, but CJC asked why I had had enough with the wiki, so here I go.

I first join. I spend most of the time at the LUW, but I stop by here a couple times and help edit. I edited quite good, if you ask me, too. But of course, Clone gunner commander jedi and his sidekicks, Prisinorzero and Br1ck Animat0r, ban me and my "wikifriends" for no damn reason every time I try and talk to the community! So, I leave. I make a couple edits a month, but, I left. Then, in about April 2012, I make some more edits, nothing really happened then, I just left. Then, it's June 2013, Brickimedia ended, so I decide to come back and see what's going on. So, I start to edit. A lot. Every day. And then, I start to file rights requests. I got them without question (check my contribs and you'll see why :P ), and I continued editing. Everything seemed well, except for Clone trolling me nonstop on the server most people went to, which annoyed the hell out of me but I didn't express it. And then, more time and editing goes by, and then I file for CM. And, it goes really well! So well that I only needed one more supporter to get them after 3 days. So I discuss the fact with Berry in chat. And then all of a sudden, Clone says "I voted, too." he opposed. For the reason that I would troll and spam. -_-

Are you f***ing kidding me?? Have you seen what I've done over the past MONTH for your Wiki? And your response is that I'm a freaking spammer? Even though all you've done for me is troll, yourself? Yeah. great, kid. Have fun with your life. And then Galad, whose hobby is trolling me on the LMBW, decides to step in with a BS oppose as well. And then CM4S, who hates me because he's angry, goes in and opposes as well. Are you people kidding me? I do all this and all you do is troll and call me a troll and all this?

I'll be active with the LMBW and their Minecraft project. :/

MsDtalk 23:19, July 18, 2013 (UTC)

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