Whelp, today marks my 2 year Bricki-anniversary! Big day, plenty of edits planned. :) But this is a little annoying blog tribute to thank all of the users who've stuck by throughout the years:

FIRST MYSELF.....just kidding people,

Nighthawk Leader




Captain Jag





Mackmoron11 (to Mack, you've always been like a brother to me and that really means alot)

So many more, but these are the only ones I could remember. :P I keed, I love you all :) And I really look up to these guys, always have and always will. Now for the newer users who have made Brickipedia the frequented and well-constructed website it is today:





Mr. Minifigure



And many many others (even if you aren't in this list, don't mean I don't love you :P)

And now, just a special thanks to the users who are no longer here, but will always be remembered and missed:

Cpatain Rex


Mariofighter3 (again, like a brother to me)

Construction Worker

Darth smith

9legoboy9 (my first real Brickipedia friend, hope to see you again one day!)

And all of the rest! Brickipedia has always been a major part of my life, and, whether rich or poor, young or old, famous or not, always will be. :) I tell everyone about Brickipedia, and it gets plenty of visitors from yours truly (not to brag, well ok, to brag). But thank you to all the Brickipedians, for always being the best Wikia community out there! Happy Editing, and NEVER SAY NEVER! wait.....scratch that, Happy Editing. :)

-Austin, aka, Nerfblasterpro

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