Mmkay, I just feel like slapping some more sense in ya. For all those users who are bashing on the Admins about taking control and stuff, knock it off. Each admin is working constantly to make sure this wiki remains intact. We can't please everyone, so you're just going to have to be patient with us. It takes alot to run a site like this, and trolls who do nothing but complain might as well leave right now. It has gotten

And before you blow this post off, THINK before you comment. Thinking is something we all should know how to do...

We admins are not here to rule over subjects with our crowns and such (Well, minus cjc. He's got some souveniers from the Royal Wedding). :P Where was I again?

Oh yeah, point is, we admins are here for the USERS! not for ourselves, not for the fun of it. We were users like you too, and we worked hard to get to the admin status. So please, don't be a troll. We are here to help, and it's alot easier when you guys let us go about our duties. We care about the community too, and we wouldn't be anywhere without the users who contribute everyday. :)

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