A little comic I've made (part 1 or 2) (Inspired by Mariofighter3's) Enjoy:

Comic 1

All is calm and quiet after a snowy night in LEGO City...

Comic 2

But what is this? The infamous Dollar Bill! (Music plays Da da DAAAAA!)

Comic 3

Knock-Knock..."Who is it?" says the seargent. "Package for Police Headquarters." utters the Dollar Bill in disguise

Comic 4

"Bring it in, then." the seargent calls. It is dropped off...

Comic 5

"Hey, What are you doing here?" says a clone trooper.

Comic 6

"Shouldn't you be in the Clone Wars?" asks Dollar Bill. "That's my summer job, fool!" says the Clone.

Comic 7

"Whatever, I'm outta here!"

Comic 8

"Here's the new computer you ordered, sir"

To be continued...

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