Boring title! Oh noooez! Seriously though, I've noticed a lot of people saying things about the LEGO Company and how it is wrong how they produce items that have nothing to do with LEGO parts and sets. But I think it's time we clear something up about this company; They're here to make money. Gasp.

I've been taking an economics course in high school for a few weeks, and I've gotta say I've learned a lot. Obviously, if LEGO just sold bricks, they wouldn't get as far. That's why they used to be a smaller company. Now they have risen up in the toy market, because they do not stick to one strict item. They branch out, and this is simple economics.

So why the eff did you write this blog NBP? Good question, this time I have an answer. LEGO doesn't make these products for you, the LEGO Company has a child-based market. That's why you notice most ages on sets are x-12. Most of us are at least 13...So these products may seem odd to you, but it is actually simple economics. Supply and demand, families with younger children pay for this stuff.

Anyways, just thought I'd enlighten you lil editors. For all of you older Brickipedians, I'm sure you'll understand what I'm talking about. So yeah, it's not LEGO's fault they wanna make some extra money people...


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