Warning: The following is a mock blog about the recent trends blogs have been taking on Brickipedia. It should not be taken seriously or with any offense.

Welcome to Brickipedia! You will notice on your userpage, that a bar at the top indicates a userblog archive section (right next to the talkpage tab). Click this, and begin your journey into hell! (Make sure you comment on other blogs first with sarcastic witty jokes and annoy the creator so that everyone will like you and care about your opinion instead of everyone else's!)

Now that you've gotten to your list of blogs, you will want to hit "create a blog post" at the top of your screen. If you're doing what I'm doing now, you've got it right!

Now, 90% of blogs on Brickipedia consist of either sig-figs/customs or ideas or opinions about things most people don't care about. Make sure your blog is special: Meaning it annoys as many people as possible. For example, if you make sig-figs, try your hardest to make ones of the people who feature the most on the site. This way, when you create them, you can make them look like an idiot and you can get under their skin! (This is easier for the ones who have a bagillion custom figures that they don't care about but use to compare your work with anyways) Also, if you talk about how much you hate other peoples' customs on their blogs, they'll look up to you for advice on how to build the coolest LEGO thing ever!

Oh yeah, if you read a blog in which someone discusses their opinion, make sure you tell them they are wrong. Remember, having ideas that aren't like everyone else's are bad for society. Therefore, writing a blog with your own opinion will only get lots of comments IF you make it something that nobody else believes. (ex. Classic LEGO sets were the worst)

Last of all, when commenting on a blog about theories, please make sure to spam your own opinions or ideas so that no one else can think separately from you. As said before, people who have opinions different from everyone else are BAD.

Thank you for reading, and I hope I see your blog featured on the wiki activity page for the dozens of rage-quitting users commenting below your opinion or customs! :)

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