Well, today is a sad day. I'm sitting here, listening to the Lazy Song. Yes, I am that tired. I just got home from vacation, and I see not only have I not hit 6000 edits all of the sudden, but Nighthawk leader has left. He gave us a speeh, and has gone. I must say, this hurts. My true inspiration to edit here, I'm starting to question why I am still here. It's sad, because I love the site, and [most] of the users here.

No I want you to read this and ask yourself something: Why am I on Brickipedia? Think about it for a minute, turn off all noise and close your eyes and think for a bit. I did so, and I realized not only is this site a big part of my life, it is a big part of my heart. The users, old and new, are like family to me. As cheesy and stalkery as that sounds, I am very close to everyone here. I will never leave, no matter what happens. I am happy as administrator of this site, and always will be.

Now I must say though, being an admin isn't as happy. The blogs are not getting old, they are old. If you make an off topic annoying blog, I will guarantee that I will delete it. Yes, if I find it somehow causing conflict and not promoting the general good of the site, I will make sure it is gone. So keep that in mind. We've lost too many good users because of these blogs. And when you tell me that I can't, here's my opinion: I don't care. Not at all.

I kind of forgot why I made this blog, but I think I'm going to end the rant about here. The point? We've lost a great user and I've lost a great friend. And these annoying off topic/conflict starting blogs have to stop. And to prove I am true to my word, this will be my last rant blog for a long ole time. So enjoy it while/if it lasts. I don't want any arguments starting on the comments, I want you to read this and let the meaning sink in. If you aren't going to do that one thing for me, then don't even bother commenting. <endrant/>



P.S. I sign all of my blogs by my name, because I want the admins to seem more real and down to earth. I am just a user, here to edit and help the community. I am not NBP, Nerfblasterpro, Mr. Admin, or any other high name thingy. I am Austin, and proud to be him. <nowofficiallyendrant/>

EDIT: Wow, was I drunk while writing this? -_- Nevertheless, I think there is some meaning in this...

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