This isn't just a moc, I want everyone to see what goes on here at Brickipedia. This set has signs and symbols that stand for what is happening everyday on the LEGO wiki. So let's see what you guys think, but I also want you to take in the meaning of this whole blog. :)

Everyday Brickipedia, notice the attention-seeking vandal at the bottom right corner, and the page viewers at the bottom left


Ajraddatz in his secret little room. He can see all that is going on, and has tools many admins do not have. Notice the ninja in the window, symboling trolls who kill to discover Wikia's secrets. Such trolls are not tolerated.


Notice every user can see what goes on in the building, which represents our forums. So keep that in mind before you press "save"


The admin team (minus Ajr) from left to right (bear with me, I've never seen your faces): BF2, TheGrandEditor, Tat, Samdo, ME (Notice my long hair and blaster. :D), Cpt. Jag, and SKP (Just like I saw on your userpage) We are users just like you, as dipicted.


The crats, from left to right (see last pic): Nighthawk leader, Kingcjc. Both are humble, down to earth users who strive everyday to make this the best LEGO community/encyclopedia around!


A child seeing a rock monster (representing vandal) destroy our pages. Children are viewing our site often, so keep that in mind as well.


The forums, where we all meet to discuss how we can make this site the best LEGO community around! Notice Nighthawk and cjc's "thrones". :P Also notice the trashcan and cell, for them blocked vandals and bad pages. Anyone can come here and tell us how you think this site could be better. :)

That's the blog, and I hope everyone likes it! And all of this is true, we admins are here for you. We work constantly to keep this wiki safe and fun. Hopefully this will convince you guys, and yes, I will shaddup for ya. :D

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