I know, I know. We've talked about doing this about a billion times. But I think if we really put an effort into finding a good location, we could have a neato real-life meeting. I really don't see what it would do, but I know Wikia does it every year. So why not? If we plan it right, it could really work out. In order to get something started, anyone who would at least want show up to one of these (Even if you couldn't go), post below the country you're from/live in, and (if it isn't too personal) the state/province. It's a big world, I realize that. But I think if we put our heads together, we can get something going. Comment away!


Also, I didn't make this a forum because I knew more people would see it as a blog. So let's hear what you have to say, I may be able to try and get something started. :)

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