I recently obtained the Palpatine's Shuttle set from my local Wal-Mart. I am happy to say this was a good buy!

The build was eh, not the greatest. Nothing special with turning gears that makes you say "Wow, this is going to look amazing!" The set build is more like the the Attack Shuttle than the Landing Craft. However, it was a fun build that will challenge the mind, yet won't stress it or your hands too much so.

Next up, the playability. Come on, let's just admit it, we all know Anakin Skywalker did not become Darth Vader in a shuttle. However, that does not mean this set is not fun to play with. I could put Vader's helmet on and off all day if I want to. It's fun, and features an interesting conclusion to Revenge of the Sith. Not alot of room inside, but still enough to enjoy. (Note: Add 2 Shock Troopers, and you feel as though you are actually part of the movie)

And don't forget that huge cockpit on the front with the new Clone Pilot. Snazzy!

The set comes with hard-to-find minifigures, making it a must-buy for anybody who loves Star Wars. Haven't we been waiting forever for that Medical Droid?

Another important thing, this set stays together! Hardly breaks, definetely good if you hate a set you have to rebuild 20 times a day.

And last (but certainly not the least), the price. $60-70 US is not a bad price for the size. However, the set does not have too many features, so the price brings down the rating a bit. But all-in-all, this set is pretty good. I would give it a.......3.5-4/5. I recommend this set to any avid Star Wars collector!

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