Hmmmm, I've noticed a pattern here. Anyone else? The immaturity of some people here is making me want to use this blog to curse everyone out, but luckily I have *Some* control of myself and won't. However, I will tell everyone that they need to grow up and stop acting so irresponsible, immature, and annoying. It's (<Swear word "re-worded" deleted>) (yes, I did that on purpose) stupid, you people need to stop treating others like crap and check yourselves a bit. Ever thought maybe other people have feelings too? Think about it and leave your "I'm not a jerk, I'm not immature, you're a sucky swearing admin" comments below.


P.S. Not everyone, but a substantial amount of people lately...Keep this blog in mind people, why do you think all of these users are leaving? Hmmmmm

EDIT: Also, if you think this is another leaving blog, it isn't. IN FACT, I've made it my mission to make sure everyone on this site is, stays, and always acts mature. So you're stuck with me :D KITTEN KILLERS RULEZ! See other Kitten Killer

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