I want as many people on this site to see this post as possible...

Every single user here is acting either annoying, immature, or just plain stupid. The banning of Lego Lord seemed necessary, and was voted upon. After some controversy, it was decided that he be not allowed to edit for a whole 6th months. I supported this ban, as I think this will allow him to mature very well over this trial. If he decides to come back, I'm sure he will have matured much more.

This Blog is very risky, and I could be blocked for speaking out like this. But I am speaking from the heart, which is still devoted to Brickipedia, the true LEGO Wiki. Every edit, every post I see is somehow pissing me off. And with Wikia changing...Well, everything! It's unbearable, and it's gotten old fast. I've missed the old Brickipedia, the old style, and the old users.

Many of you will disregard this post, and say, "This guy? Well look who's talking..." I am very proud of this wiki's growth, and the users who have stuck with it since the beginning. Special thanks to great friends Nighthawk leader, Ajr, Samdo, Kingcjc, and all others whom have worked hard from the start!

So why do I post this? Whelp, this is just a little reminder for you boys (and girls) who have been "discussing" on different forums and Blogs, To think before you submit. Edit like you care about the wiki's growth, like you want to make friends. This site is for those devoted to LEGO, and devoted to the wiki's growth. Every user should get along, because we all have at least one thing in common on the LEGO wiki (Of course, minus Kingcjc. But he's a great leader, and should not be looked down upon just because he is not an avid collector).

I pray that every user still respects all of the admins, especially myself, on this site. We are not Emperors, we are not Masters. We are here to help you, and here to serve the wiki community. I have not edited enough, and I'm not going to tell some lie that I will be very active. But I will tell you I will keep a sharper eye on each and every one of the users here. I hope all of you understand that life has to come before Internet in my household, and I agree with this logic. But I am always frequenting the site, and here for each and every user.

Like I said, I hope everyone reads this Blog post, and understands what I am trying to say. If this leads to another argument, then I just have no choice but to give up on you guys. Please take some time to consider the message here. Thank you for reading,

Austin, aka NBP

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