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    Collectible Minifigs Series 2 has been reported to be in stores in the US (for all of you who don't follow Brickset)! For all of my Canadian viewers who are wondering why I'm happy for the US, it's because when the CMs hit the US, Canada follows not to soon after. So get out there, and get the CMs before there swallowed up by everybody else!

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    New Theme! NINJAGO!

    August 9, 2010 by NOBODY

    Lego is making a new theme called NINJAGO! Each set will include a Ninja! Read here

    P.S: Admins are free to Delete this if too short.

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    Image Problem

    August 7, 2010 by NOBODY

    Has anybody been having a problem where some images won't load and you have to click on them to see them? And sometimes when you click on the image, that image won't load? And sometimes the image will disappear from the infobox, or be represented as a light grey vertical line in image boxes?

    I've had this problem for days, and I thought it was because I accidentally blocked a URL in Adblocker. That wasn't the case. I know Crotocall's had the problem, but have any of you had this problem?

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    I made a wiki

    July 1, 2010 by NOBODY

    You can guess while I'm writing this...badges of course! Anyway, 'bout 3 Weeks ago I started the Space Police Wiki. Little did I know it took me 3 Weeks to make 8/10's of all the Templates. Tomorrow I'm gonna start making real articles. Everybody's welcomed to come and edit (like who wouldn't be?). Don't forget to comment!

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