• NexoByte

    LEGO Awards Ideas

    July 17, 2017 by NexoByte

    After participating in Super Mario Wiki's annual Mario Awards, I suddenly thought, "What if LEGO has an anuual award ceremony as well?" Here are my ideas:

    There could be three categories: the LEGO Awards, the Fail Awards, and the Brickipedia Awards. A page is created and various polls for these categories are posted on a page. Write-in votes are allowed, though the four tildes (~) should be used. After two months, the final results are recorded and the polls taken down. The results are posted soon afterward. Here are the categories I have come up with:

    • L1: Favorite Minifigure
    • L2: Favorite Ninjago Minifigure
    • L3: Favorite Ideas Set
    • L4: Favorite Licensed Set
    • L5: Favorite Star Wars UCS set
    • L6: Favorite Minifigures Series
    • L7: Favorite Licensed Theme
    • L8:…

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  • NexoByte

    Hey, LEGO fans! Amset-Ra here, inviting one and all to the LEGO Battle Wiki. No, it has nothing to do with the LEGO Battles game. Or its Ninjago counterpart.

    At the LEGO Battle Wiki, you can vote in your favorite minifigures to fight it out in a single-elimination tournament. (Just watch out for funny moments.) The four most-voted minifigures will be the first fighters.

    The link is over at Once you're there, you'll never (want to) leave, so enjoy yourselves!

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