After participating in Super Mario Wiki's annual Mario Awards, I suddenly thought, "What if LEGO has an anuual award ceremony as well?" Here are my ideas:

There could be three categories: the LEGO Awards, the Fail Awards, and the Brickipedia Awards. A page is created and various polls for these categories are posted on a page. Write-in votes are allowed, though the four tildes (~) should be used. After two months, the final results are recorded and the polls taken down. The results are posted soon afterward. Here are the categories I have come up with:

LEGO Awards

  • L1: Favorite Minifigure
  • L2: Favorite Ninjago Minifigure
  • L3: Favorite Ideas Set
  • L4: Favorite Licensed Set
  • L5: Favorite Star Wars UCS set
  • L6: Favorite Minifigures Series
  • L7: Favorite Licensed Theme
  • L8: Favorite Licensed Minifigure
  • L9: Favorite Video Game
  • L10: Favorite Ninjago Set
  • L11: Favorite Big Bang Set
  • L12: Favorite Pre-2000 Set
  • L13: Favorite Non-Physical Minifigure
  • L14: Favorite 1000+ piece Set
  • L15: Favorite 2017 set
  • L16: Favorite 2017 Minifigure
  • L17: Favorite Villain Group
  • L18: Favorite Hero Group
  • L19: Favorite Theme
  • L20: Favorite Set

Fail Awards

  • F1: Worst Licensed Theme
  • F2: Worst Video Game
  • F3: Worst Licensed Minifigure
  • F4: Worst Licensed Set
  • F5: Worst Big Bang Set
  • F6: Worst Minifigure
  • F7: Worst 2017 Set
  • F8: Worst Theme
  • F9: Worst 2017 Minifigure
  • F10: Worst Set

Brickipedia User

  • B1: Best-Formatted Article
  • B2: Best User Page
  • B3: Favorite Custom Set
  • B4: Favorite Custom Minifigure
  • B5: Brickipedian of the Year

These are my ideas. Let me know what you think.