I am in love with LEGO Atlantis! It's awesome! I can't wait for it to come out! I am gonna get: 1. Gateway of the Squid 2. Both the $3.49 TBAs 3. Wreck Raider For my first sets when they come out next year. I found pics on this site earlier this week and almost fainted! On November 24, you can go to: "" for more info on the Atlantis theme. I'm so phsyched about the new Spce Police crooks: "Rench (repaint of Kranxx) and Squidtron (repaint of Squidman)" The Space Police Officers have new grey helmets that cover the whole head, and a red visor. They're awesome! I am not so excited about LEGO Ben 10, but it's okay, I guess. LEGO Harry Potter and LEGO Rock Band are propably going to be awesome. The rating for LEGO Rock Band says "Mild Language" which makes me think, why would they make minifigs cuss? That's stupid! The LEGO Rock Band keychain is wierd, because it has a LEGO Agents Dr. Inferno hair, LEGO Batman henchman head, and a normal torso and legs. LEGO Harry Potter was cool, but they are not in stores, only on eBay and other online stores. Toy Story and Prince of Persia are kinda pointless, but some of the pieces are cool. LEGO Star Wars is gonna be awesome based off the sets I've seen lately. I don't know what's gonna happen to Indiana Jones, Agents, Pirates etc., but I don't want them all to stay. Bionicle has had a decade, but who knows what's next? I don't! I don't care either. Well, that's all for now.

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