In my last blog, I forgot to talk about Power Miners. The miners are silver, and the rock monsters are on fire (which is really just crystals shaped like fire). There you have it. LEGO City is going to stay, which ticks me off, I have new thoughts on Prince of Persia, though. I like the armor and hats, but I like yellow heads more than skin colored for some reason. I think it's stupid that they have giant buzz saws on one of the sets, since LEGOs are for all ages. They should have done a game a little more appropriate for kids, like Ratchet and Clank. I love that game! I will propably upload pics of some of my models on LEGO Digital Designer (LDD if you didn't know) soon. Toy Story still seems pointless, though. They went overboard on Prince of Persia, and made Toy Story plain stupid. I know LEGOs are mainly for kids, but I think they should make the LEGO magazines a little less kiddy. I mean, the Atlantis thing where you had to find the treasure keys was too easy for my likings. Atlantis is still awesome either way. Atlantis is my favorite theme and it might not change for a while. Thanks for reading!

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