Hello! So, Berry and I were talking about doing this for awhile now. So here I am announcing Brickipedia's first ever RPG! Based on DC comics/Man of Steel 2/World's Finest! So, Berry and I will start it off, once we get a few stories in we'll add people like The Joker, Green Arrow, and a playable Lex Luthor! Now bear with me non-DC fans. Once we get on Brickimedia we will be playing DC for a while longer. Then choose two qualified people to start a Marvel RPG, then a Lord of The Rings/The Hobbit RPG, Then a Star Wars RPG. Two people will be leading each but Berry and I will supervise to make sure you're doing everything right.

Alright enough with that. So expect 3 stories from me very soon. Then Berry will start but they will be using LDD because they have their own custom DC decals on it. The rules if you are chosen to join are:

  • No killing other characters, you must make it a cliffhanger if you put someone in Peril
  • No interfering with story (like having aliens come down and attack a cat)
  • You get 3 stories a week (maximum) but can have 4 side stories (maximum)
  • Side stories are: "say you are playing Green Arrow, you can't be Green Arrow but you can do things as Oliver Queen, like going to a party to see it get crashed by a villain, if you are out of main stories make it so a villain runs from cops."

That's it so far...

  • Character list (Round 1)
  • Superman: Berry
  • Batman: Me
  • Green Arrow: Jpw
  • Lex Luthor: waiting for a qualified player.
  • The Joker: ^
  • Dogwelder: Knight
  • Alfred:
  • Barry Allen (Flash but not in costume, and before he had powers):

To apply for any of the open characters you must apply on my Talkpage

  • Batman's stories are here

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