To fulfill our needs for Games without people getting worried about our mainspace edits etc. I created BrickiGames! Just like Brickipedia games, but this one is different, A new layout. Hopefully transferable onto brickimedia due to the color scheme (Gold, so we can have Red, Blue, Green, then Gold) and the hopefully great community input. So without further ado I give you the link to Brickigames,

On there I and other admins will add templates, etc. then get rights requests up and start the RPGs back up, start back up games like there were on Brickipedia Games. Oh and I will be talking more about events once we are closer to finishing it. I know I shouldn't announce things until they are finished but I do need some help and it'd be nice to have the community help build something that they will want to use and have fun on... Chat rules on here still apply there but since we have no filters for curse words... Chat will be removed until further notice... Alright so yeah. Brickigames! So exciting right!?

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