Since I never really went through with the first one.. I will for the second one! So I need 5 Judges running competitions! Sign up for competitions in comments below

This all will take place starting once the new wiki is up and running :) Expect competitions every week until there is only 1 winner in each group! Judges will decide themes for challenges ex: Western, Sci-Fi, etc. And all the winners will get shiny badges! If I find someone to make those :S

Digital designer Figs

Digital designer Viginettes/6x6-16x16 Dioramias

IRL Customs

IRL Viginettes/6x6-16x16 Dioramias

And lastly

Online painting tools Custom figs!

Please sign up for as many contests as You want and Judges can only compete in competitions they AREN'T judging..

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