• This takes place in Washington in Seattle for more info go Here

Brickipedians Going

  • Nuff How to find me... I'm 5,7, have Red Hair, wearing Brickcon 2012 shirt and Adidas Jacket. Probably near the front of the line with my friend...

Tips for your first Brickcon

  • Bring money!
  • Go to Lunch at a local joint like Dick's Burgers (Don't laugh you pervs)
  • Sorting Skills, fitting bricks in a bag may be tough for some
  • Social skills, when there are crowds around a booth just wait unless you see someone about to grab something you want
  • Bring a Bag! Bring a LEGO satchel like my friend and I do because you get FREE LEGO!!!

If you don't know if you're going comment "I may be going"

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