Hey guys! How are you? April 25th is going to be an exciting day you know... So to celebrate.. On April 25-28

  • I'll show-off a new teaser (April 25th) (Yes the theme is going to have western aspects.)

I will play on Minecraft and Roblox with you guys 26th-28th

  • Servers?

Roblox servers:

  • Brickipedia server

Technic (modded MC) servers!

I will have 20 customs

(April 27th) by voting who's customs were best made all around, so check my: [1] which has all the customs, or you can find my wiki (It's messy ATM)

  • I will make at least a story for my theme

  • Suggest other ideas below and I'll have celebrations over summer (When my school gets out- June 27th) (and something in July and August if I'm not doing something with my Youth Group :P

Bye doods! Thanks for all the support and let's have a fun time over those few days! Oh shoutouts too.. I'll have shout outs on the 25th...

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