As many of you may realize, I have returned. And hope to stay. Brickimedia has been facing severe downtime lately. But none of you have the right to hoot and holler about another member returning from brickimedia. Because seeing most of your activity are childish Unikitty fetishes and Ninjago fangirls. This is a message that if you really want to get back on track you might want to read the rest of this.

I propose a new plan to help us gain more edits every day by placing strategic teams doing multiple jobs. And all are in tiers. Productive editors deal with the big stuff with new releases and news. They also touch up pages to get a class 2 format. Regular editors jobs will be to get most Class 4 articles to Class 3. Non-productive editors can deal with the small things around the wiki that need help. (Clothing articles, old baby/duplo articles.)

We also need to restart the quality check group (for Customs and Reviews) so we can actually rank our articles to our best ability. The wiki also needs to look appealing. That logo we have is not. Why would a LEGO community allow a logo with washed out colors LEGO doesn't even use on 2x4 bricks... C'mon, seriously?

To keep this wiki even in any way active. We have to keep it alive other than just forums. In photos me must stray from having watermarks or stretched out photos that are too blurry to even make out what a character looks like. This is the internet everybody, if you can't find a good photo. You clearly aren't looking hard enough.

Take initiative and have some pride in your work that only 2-3 users have been doing. So shape up and we can make this wiki somewhat good...


1385135793000-batman3 [Nexus™] is back! 1385135793000-batman3

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