I have my haters, I have my friends. But in the end, it's not my haters that matter. Both my friends and my haters take part in shaping me. But I can ignore these haters by showing them kindness. So, here I am. Apologizing, I keep my opinions on Sig-Figs and RPGs. And you can cry about it all you want. But don't expect a reaction from me anymore. I'm tired of dealing with these fools. I joined brickipedia to socialize with others that were my age and had my interests, as the year and few months roll by, you learn that there is more than just nice people, you get blocked, banned, get yelled at in caps and all their glory. But I learned to overcome them, I say I have changed. But I haven't, and that's fine. The choices I make are mine alone and I hope you all understand that. I can change, with my haters yelling at me. And my friends supporting me. I don't really find it needed to bicker on a wiki about hobbies. And clearly I've been acting the same age as these people trying to hurt me. And that isn't alright. So here I am apologizing again. If you choose to accept it that's great and if you choose to deny it because you feel like you are superior to anything I do, that's great. Just don't expect me to reply to your hurtful words. And I really do not care if you make RPGs or Sig-Figs... That still doesn't mean I like them. But if you are doing it because others are, think about if it's worth it... Aint it funny that I started these trends also? Heh, talk about a mistake... Well, it was fun while it lasted.

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