Hello all This is Nuff with more customs! Now to our host LEGO2013Helper!


Hey guys! Well in this blog Nuff shows Awesome Customs and Really just Impresses us all (Loljk) So here we go!

  • Storm
  • Berry! Berry! The trigger happy cop!
  • Jeyoooo
  • Wiki contributor
  • 1999Bug
  • Agent Charge
  • Irnakk the Orc slayer
  • BFN
  • LegoDude101
  • Darth Henry
  • Ice Mecha Dragon
  • LSC Stealth Ninja
  • Lego Indy
  • RaceLord
  • Videogamer1
  • Awesomeknight1234
  • Mwah
  • ErkelonJay
  • Czechmate

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