I'm sorry.

Hey guys, So after reading Berry's rant I just want to say I'm sorry if it came by that I thought I was the first sig-fig customizer but I really wasn't and that I was the best... I don't think that entirely there are lots of people out in this world. I didn't mean to, but that doesn't mean I'm a bad person on here (does it?) Well, anyways... I'm Sorry

  • Erkelon
  • Bluejay11
  • Carmerville
  • Anyone else who made customs

P.S. Berry to be building customs isn't just putting random pieces together...

- Nuff


  • Customs may stop... Once we move... Because nobody cares anymore.
  • But I do have lots of projects I want to work on...


  • LDD Modeling (Small Items and such)
  • My western theme (Yeah that space theme was for BlueJay's MMOG)
  • Some IM3 MOCS (After I get the sets and see the movie)
  • Reviews!
  • May work on a minecraft/roblox thing.
  • I may get into stopmotion again.
  • I'm also Going to have a theme that is fully LDD
  • The western theme is going to be fully IRL built.
  • FIGBARFS! (I just make random characters in 30 seconds)

Anything else?

If you think I should do anything else tell me in the comments! :D

Good bye!

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