so you may have seen other customs blogs... I'm trying not to be mean at all or anything but. Ya know just building up anticipation and all. Just kinda ruins it when others kinda just take it from you. OK I JUST CAN'T STAY MAD :'( . Sorry... It just kinda takes the fun of people saying thank you and it's awesome when they already say it to another. I'm not st kinda awkward seeing how everytime i did a customs blog another came up like annoying bee's and never got done either. Sorry if i'm being rude or anything but i'm really not trying to. So yeah

--NuffSaid was here and there LIEK A BAWS (talk) 00:16, November 20, 2012 (UTC)NuffSaid1995 CUSTOMS LEGO NUFFSAID NUFF SAID 1995 NUFFSAID1995 LOL LEGO LOTR

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