Monthly MOC Competition July 2013
Background by Mythrun

So the rules are plain and simple!


  • MOC must be in LDD or In Real Life. I may accept LDraw if you can't access either of the tools.
  • MOC must be in By August 1st (I know it's short but I'll be on track afterwards!)
  • You may have ONE entry and you may change it until you think it's perfect or at standards!


  • Since it's a short time period the theme is ,6 stud by 6 stud plate or 8 stud by 8 stud plate MOCs
  • Go crazy on the Height as long as it fits into one picture!
  • Accepting any theme as long as it has no sexual content and lots of blood...
  • Model may go 2 studs out of your MOC IF needed
  • Have FUN with these you don't have to be the best as long as you love the MOC

Next Month's Theme VOTE

=Next Month's theme is! SUPERHEROES by 10 votes!


Great entries guys!


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