Dear Brickipedians,

I am sorry to say... I failed you. Not only in the way I acted towards others. But how I affected the community with my negative ways. I'm deeply sorry to Jeyo and ErkelonJay, as I had been rude to you. Expect no more. I finally figured out that when my life sucks at a certain point (Great-Grandfather died, I found out the girl I've known I've liked for years brother-zoned me the moment I asked her out, etc.) I shouldn't let my anger and sadness follow me onto the positive community. But life is hard for many people. I'm sorry I lashed out at you guys for saying I liked Soup because of one of the bad things that happened to me. Though I was tired of the crap you were giving me I shouldn't have acted that way and I am very sorry for it. I was the one that made myself lose my rights and I'm the one that let myself break apart emotionally and physically (I need to work out more, I run slower and can't lift as much o_o) Please, forgive me for my actions. I'm not asking you to be my friends I just want some respect from all of you. I was also reading my bible and I came across some good verses. And I think I should stick to those and be faithful to those verses. And the one we all hopefully learned, treat each other how you'd like to be treated. I forgot that and let everyone I didn't like feel like crap. I even lost some friends. Like Jeyo, and Czech for a little bit, and probably even Berry :/. So As I said "I'm sorry" and now I will be the good old love-able Nuff again! :D


Thanks for making this BTW CM4S!

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