Alright. So, I'm really thinking it's time for me to change. No more sig-figs, criticism, and lack of edits. Yeah my edits are about 1,300 for comments and about 160 edits for mainspace (the good stuff). Anyways, I'm going to attempt to change. An inspiration was Mr. Brix, when I saw his Superhero set. (the Captain America one, which is small but you should check it out because I said so) I've never really expressed myself on the wiki... Which I should if I choose to waste all my time here. ToungeEmote

So I want ya'll to know a little bit about me. I'm a ginger (FTW), a comic geek, superhero fanatic, LEGO fan, MOCer, Washingtonianian. Yeah not too sure if that's the term. SquintEmote Anyways expect big changes from me... Like seriously EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED. I hope you all know that I will be trying my hardest and people I don't quite agree with will become my friends over the next few days. It's my time to try to be someone I want to be. Now it's time to stop slacking and start working. Let's do this! BRICKI-VENGERS ASSEMBLE!

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