I'm Thinking of E-Mailing TTgames a story line of a new game series i made up called:

THE CALL OF CREATIVITY Bob is a LEGO minifigure stranded in a town with 1 rule NO creativity. So he decides to leave but as perils come he decides he can't go alone so running back he finds his friend Jim running from Creato-Bots Bob then looks at his fist. It glows blue a BIG blue fist destroys all the Creato-Bots and builds a steampunk themed car. On the way they rebuild LEGO Landmarks and destroy more Creato-Bots... A shack is nearby and they meet a man who always twitches but has all the creativty needed to save the town on the way back big things happen and they meet more people who tell them tales of when the town was creative A HUGE creato-bot is in the trio's way they then destroy it and go to the town. Everything is different everyone is in chains and WANTED signs for the trio are there. The Man claims to have a machine that will restore creativity but they had to get back to town hall. The Machine BLOWS UP and the Creato-Bots are destroyed. The people are free! A note falls and it says"You Men Will Restore Creativity And Save The World Of LEGOLAND --Creato-Bot 000000".........The Game Ends with the shack. Creatobot (the Man) paces back and forth a purple glow stuns him and his robot body falls out from him like a ghost and he is a human and a nametag in his pants read Bill he runs to the town and says to Bob "Their Coming!!!!"

A Purple Portal opens and Bob looks at his fist and it glows blue the screen turns black and a 'Savage Oppress type voice says' "I'M BACK TO TAKE BACK WHAT'S TRULY MINE"

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