World Summer 2014 sets, we have names and pictures! World

The Summer 2014 set names have been released also with a X-men set picture! This summer we will see Arctic CITY sets, A revival of Agents, and some very nice Star Wars sets


CITY (Arctic)

  • Arctic Snowmobile (60032) – 44 pcs – $7
  • Arctic Tracked Vehicle (60033) – 113 pcs – $15
  • Arctic Lift Helicopter (60034) – 262 pcs – $30
  • Arctic Research Station (60035) – 374 pcs – $40
  • Arctic Base Camp (60036) – 733 pcs – $100

CITY (Trains)

  • Railway Station (60050) – 423 pcs – $50
  • High-Speed Passenger Train (60051) – 610 pcs – $120
  • Cargo Train (60052) – 888 pcs – $180


  • Caught in the Dungeon (70162) – $35
  • Toxikita Toxic Accident (70163) – $50
  • Sweeping Action Robber (70164) – $70
  • Ultra Agent Headquarters (70165) – $125


  • Hoth Bricks
  • Eurobricks
  • Ultron32 on Flickr

World Star Wars 2014 pictures have surfaced also! World


  • DeltaNightRoam from Flickr
  • Hoth Bricks on Flickr

World Wave 2 of The LEGO Movie Sets and a Polybag were revealed World


  • CM4S
  • Flickr Members


World Brickipedian of the Week (BrickfilmNut's) Interview! World

  • NuffSaid

So what do you think about the Summer 2014 sets?

  • BrickfilmNut

I'm fairly excited for them. I hope we get some more DC sets, but the Marvel ones so far don't really interest me. The Cantina looks cool as well, though all the others shown so far are mainly rehashes. And those new shooters look horrible on the ATAT... I think they should be disguised better when applied to a set. The TLM sets look awesome, though.  :P And I'm excited for Polar. Agents, as I said before, I'm expecting to have a Castle 2013 vibe, so not as excited for those.  :P And I'm wondering what the heck is up with Chima's set names in the summer.  :P Oh, and for Friends, I'm excited for the ice cream cart.  :P I probably don't need to get the TLM Ice cream set now.

  • NuffSaid

Ode to the Ice Cream Carts If you could describe the 2014 sets in one word what'd it be?

  • BrickfilmNut

Wild.  :P

  • NuffSaid

What set are you most looking forward to?

  • BrickfilmNut

Probably the Sea Cow.  :P

World A note from Nuff World

  • Please comment your opinions and suggestions as I still need ideas for the community section :P

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