Thank you! Everyone! After 8 custom blogs I still am making more! but Why Not thank everyone who I made or supported me! So thank you all! I also am telling how well improved I've gotten!

So it all started off with this I made my customs in my room then ran down in front of the furnace to take these pictures. Then I saw people had good backgrounds.. So I used fancy tile in Nuffmas.

After seeing an overwhelming amount of figs I stayed in my room and took all of these yellow pictures!_:D

I then figured to stay there but use a better camera.. But not taking any requests by then I was again pretty mad about the background making it unable to take a clear photo without 25 tries. So looking around my room I found a white box, It was big enough to put a set in so why no customs!? So. This was made

I was liking it a lot so I was making even more which is now 10 a week! Then today I am writing this blog.. About to take a picture for BrickSticks Contest... I look at that old dusty, cobweb growing furnace. Then the kitchen tiles that are also dirty....Bugger.... Other than that I love remembering all my older customs! So as week 2 of my customs will begin on Saturday too. I may take them in an older place. ;)

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