Omega X.23

aka Omega X

  • I live in Singapore
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am Male
  • Omega X.23

    Caption Contest 8

    July 14, 2013 by Omega X.23

    Hello everybody! I present to you, the eighth installment in the Caption Contest series. As the previous installment was deleted along with the unfortunate hacking of Brickmedia, I decide to continue!

    • typical rules......
    • Ends one month from now (14/8/13)
    • Most creative and funny entry wins!


    Omega X

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  • Omega X.23

    Hello and welcome to 'Guess that Minifigure' 1! I'm your host, Omega X! Here's a brief introduction to the game.

    Basically, this is a spin-off from Irnakk's 'Guess that Lotr Character' series, only difference being that this can be any figure produced by LEGO! Other users also have hosted similiar games before, so this is sort of a reboot to spend time while we are preparing to move to Brickmedia!

    (You can view Irnakk's blog here:

    I would give several clues for the community to guess the minifigure's identity. Most likely the minifigure is unique, and produced after 2009. If you're lucky, I might even include a hint!

    • I have a very, very special head.
    • I appear in a subt…

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  • Omega X.23

    Special Announcement!

    March 21, 2013 by Omega X.23

    Hello everybody! I'm Omega X and I've got a special announcement to make!

    I've recently gotten a new camera (DSLR) and it's a major upgrade from my older one. For your information, I've been photographing with a Samsung Galaxy S from my arrival to Brickipedia to now. Thus, to celebrate my new camera, I present to the Brickipedia community a new review of a 2013 release! Set 75011 Tantive IV and Planet Alderaan's review by Omega X, coming soon......

    EDIT: Ok, in light of Brickipedia's act of moving to BrickMEDIA, I may consider posting it on the new site when it's up and running.

    Omega X

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  • Omega X.23

    News Blog 18/3/13

    March 18, 2013 by Omega X.23

    Exclusive Minifigure for Yoda Chronicles Revealed

    Sources: [1]


    The exclusive minifigure for the Yoda Chronicles Book has finally been revealed, being a Special Forces Commander Clone Trooper. The book, published by DK, is the first installment in the series, and is expected to hit stores in July. It is also available for preorders now. The following pictures below are: The exclusive minifigure with the book cover; a sample page of the book.

    Exclusive Minifigure for Minifigures Character Encyclopedia Confirmed

    Sources: [2]


    After much speculation by fans, the exclusive minifigure included in the upcoming Minifigures Character Encyclopedia has been confirmed as a Toy Soldier minifigure. This is confirmed by Lego stores, and many are …

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  • Omega X.23

    Ok, let's confirm this. This is NOT referring to the 90-minute special, but just a ordinary episode after The Great Story. Not more details, and the video shall be uploaded by me tomorrow!

    Coming soon.......

    Omega X

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