I've decided on my next custom theme: Lego Angry Birds!

Lego Angry Birds

Not much information for now, but here's a teaser/prototype of the pigs:

Angry Birds Pig (1) EDIT 5/3/13: Added Helmet Pig, King Pig and Pig with Eggs Angry Birds Pig (2)

Angry Birds Pig (3)

Angry Birds Pig (4) EDIT 6/3/13: Added Slingshot

So, the pigs are stealing the eggs. What's the one weapon that could stop them??!

The Slingshot!

Angry Birds Slingshot (1)

It's fully operational, with a elastic mechanism at the base.

Angry Birds Slingshot (2)

EDIT: 9/3/13: Added Teaser for Angry Birds

So, what's coming soon? The main attraction of Angry Birds: Red!

Angry Birds Teaser (1)

EDIT: 10/3/13: Added Red

Here's the star.......*drumroll*......RED!!

Angry Birds Red (1)

EDIT 10/3/13: Added Blue

So, what's next in line? The Blues!

Angry Birds Blue

P.S.: Is that a prototype of Yellow behind?!

EDIT 15/3/13: Added Bomb Bird!

Bomb Bird

BONUS!! Behind the Scenes

For all these birds, pigs, I actually try to make them as close as possible to Rivio's image. For the Bomb Bird above, I try my best to make him as different as Red as possible, as they are very alike. Thus, I included a lower jaw and rebuilt the frame for the Bomb Bird. For all of these models, I also *clears throat* used a lot of 'illegal techniques', if you know what I mean.


Comments are most welcome! More variations coming soon!


Omega X

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