Hello everybody!! After some time, I've de- Wait wait wait. Where's my manners? I'm Omega X.23 , Omega X for short. As I was saying, I've decided to host a contest! My first! *Omega X erupts in cheers* So I was thinking to give the community of Brickipedia a briefing on how things will go. The contest will have two parts. In other words, when I release the topic(most likely tomorrow or later today), there will be two different parts. You may choose to enter both parts, but only one entry per part. They are not related in any way except, of course, that they require LEGO. Other information are quite straight forward:

No copying of others work(unless, it is stated in the contest to copy something created by LEGO)

You can use LDD and/or LEGO bricks

You can create anything! From buildings to vehicles based on the theme.

No size limit

I think it is all of importance. See you at the contest!

EDIT: The contest themes are out! Check them out here! [[1]]

Regards, Omega X

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