Well, since my second contest in over, it is most important that a third one is created, right? The theme will be minifigures. So, here are the rules!(for this contest)...

  • Objective: Create a custom Collectable Minifigures Series
  • Rules:
    • NO copying other users work
    • The custom can be posted in the wiki before and can be entered in this contest even if it has been used to enter another contest before this contest.
    • It must include 16 realistic minifigures, which means that I could imagine LEGO releasing these minifigures in future series. Which means no licensed minifigures, no minifigures related to violence etc...
    • These minifigures will be judged by their originality and how realistic they are. EDIT: Oh and of course how the minifigure looks like, the overall look and the use of accessories!
    • LDD and real life models are accepted, but LDD and other photo editing software is encouraged.

**PLEASE NOTE: Your objective is to create a custom SERIES, so it should include 16 minifigures.**




Minifigures Contest Participation!'
This signifies that you have participated in Omega X.23's Minifigures Contest! Thank you very much for your participation!

Omega X.23


Lastly, good luck and start building!! :)

P.S. PLEASE join this contest! Your participation is greatly appreciated!


PicF9E7C88965F3E37C874F692346776849 Omega X.23 Oh Mr. Gold! Am I going to get you? Mr. Gold waving

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