Hello and welcome to the introductory blog for my new custom theme, 'ADU 2: Vengeance'. Basically, the storyline continues after the theme 'Alien Conquest', with the ADu team defeating the aliens from Planet 2 and a half. So, presenting, ADU 2!


After defeating the aliens led by Commander Hypascuxx-8 and forcing them to retreat, the ADU team has been celebrating their success...too early. The aliens has retreated to their hidden base on the dark side of the moon and sent a distress signal signal to Planet 2 1/2, their home planet. A new wave of aliens, more deadly then ever, led by Commander Hypascuxx-7, Hypascuxx-8's brother and the 7th member of the Hypascuxx counci, are now planning to destroy earth in revenge using a super weapon shrouded in secrecy. Now, the newly equppied ADU team must travel to the Moon and put a stop to this diabolical plan once and for all!


The sets will be revealed after a interval of days, but first, a teaser set!

Teaser set: Custom: ADU Jetpack

More to come!

Custom:Omega-2 Interceptor (Credit goes to User:Jeyo for the name)

Custom:ADU Battle Pack

Custom:Alien Battle Pack




So, any suggestions? If any, please post them in the comments section below!

Coming soon...

This will not be the only custom theme I'm working on! More to come soon, including Lego 007!

Omega X

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